You have come here because you want to learn who I am. Let me tell you:


I am the parent worried about the quality of schooling for our children.
I am the father who is concerned about school safety and gun violence.
I am the mother who wants her daughter to grow up strong and confident.
I am the grandparent needing affordable and easy access to healthcare.
I am the business owner looking to expand in pursuit of a better life for my family.
I am the citizen who worries about the environment future generation will inherit.
I am the mother tired of being lied to by career politicians.
I am the college student worried about graduating and paying for college.
I am the new graduate searching for a job to start my life.

Money has become the driving force behind today’s politics, inundating the visual and auditory senses to get name recognition on the ballot. Traditional campaigns have become popularity contests. Promises are made with no sense of consequence and are counted by those left unfulfilled. The end goal of election is achieved, and promises are left to be forgotten – and so the cycle continues. The result is unattractive and uninspiring thinkers. How could one innovate when beholden to shackles of favors and expectations due to donated money? If a candidate raised $6 million dollars, in my mind, they now own 6 million favors.

“He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money” – Benjamin Franklin

We need to break out of the confines of the traditional campaign as to avoid the traditional results: missed expectations and potential. In this race to governorship, there are candidates where the job is simply another check on the resume for their career; however, for me, it is a departure. We have been presented with the opportunity to not only set forth an agenda that serves the people, but also help define political policies on a national scale. This election stands to bring about a new idea as to what is necessary to improve the quality of life in the present, and the future. Nevada is unique, and our great state is small enough to execute this revolution on a grand scale.

Here is how we will differ from the traditional campaign:

Raising NO Money – I will spend no more than the salary of the office. Why spend $6 million dollars to win a $140K/year job? I stand to owe no favors. The people of Nevada should have confidence that decisions are made in their best interest, and not in the interests of the 1%.

Seeking NO Endorsements – This usually requires affirming a common philosophy with the group or person, but doubt is always present as to whether favors were promised in exchange. I desire no questions as to what we do.

No Produced Poster and Signs – They are not eco-friendly. They utilize a large carbon footprint to drive around and place them, not to mention the high amounts of ink and paper used to manufacture them. They are an eyesore on the city and its landscape.

NO TV Ads – 30 seconds of soundbites are imprinted upon you telling you HOW you should perceive a candidate. Learn, read, and make your own assessment. We want you to think on your own and not be part of the visual and audio pollution.

Kiss Babies and Hug Puppies – We love both! We will kiss and hug in shameless self-indulgence; there is a simple beauty and innocence of life at that age.

Elections have turned into a popularity contest, voting for the “prom king” or “prom queen”. It is time to vote for the “nerds”, so that we may have a say in the direction of the state. Vote for whom you think is capable of making the best decision on problems, have foresight, and represents the needs of the people (not their donors).

Dr. Dewan